The smartphones these days provide us the full functionality of a personal computer. One of the best thing about having a smartphone is the ability to keep all your contacts, reminders and events synced and organised at your palm. While Google’s Android has this functionality from the begining, others like iOS and Windows Phone are late in the game making it easier for Android to dive in. Luckily Microsoft followed Better be late than never policy and enabled Microsoft ActiveSync in all of their mail services making it easer for other devices to keep up the sync of mail, callender and events. While Microsoft’s Hotmail was the market leader at its time, GMail conquered it space with its immense storage and faster service although Micorsoft has improved Windows Live to much extent that it is now a usable service.

Hotmail Account

The Stock Mail App which comes in the Android Phones by default supports the Micorsoft Protocol so there is no need for you to install an additional mail app from the Google Play Store. Micorsoft previously made this feature to be available in the paid accounts but now it is available for free and enybody can use it  as long as you have a valid MSN, Hotmail, Live or the newest Outlook account. There is also an option to confgure the custom domain accounts signed up in the Microsoft services.

How to Set up Hotmail / Account On Your Android Phone

Follow these steps sequently and you will be able to set up your Hotmail/MSN/Live/Outlook Accounts on your Android Phone in no time.

  • Open the Mail client in your Android phone and select Add Account.
  • In the next screen enter your credentials — your email address along with your password.
  • Now click on Manual Setup.
  • When prompted “What type of Account is this?” Select Exchange.
  • In the Domain\Username field, your username will be automatically filled with a backward slash before it. For example if your username is “abc”, then the Domain\Username field will have “\abc” written on it. If not then do so manually. It is advisable to enter your full email address in this field if you face any problems.
  • Type the password in the next field although it may be already filled in but if not, do it manually.
  • In the Server name type the desired website for which you want to sign up. For example you need to type “” if you are going to set up a Hotmail account. If this field is filled with any other website, you will not be able to see your mails along with your other stuff.
  • Check the box “Use secure connection (SSL)“. This is highly recommended.
  • Click on Next.
  • Set the desired mail checking frequency, number of days to synchronize and to make the default mail provider. You can also set up the colour of the mailbox and notifications along with the callender, contacts and sync.
  • You may be asked  to choose a name for your Mail account.
  • Click on Next and Done!

Now you have successfully set up your Microsoft accounts in your Android phone. If you face any problem during the set up process do a comment below, we’ll try to solve it. Alternatively you can use the Hotmail app by Microsoft+Seven to enjoy Hotmail in your Andriod phone.

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