Google apps are basically the applications by Google that come preinstalled in almost all stock ROMs. Most of the applications on your device can be updated by using the Google Play Store. The use of the Google Apps Package comes when you install ROMs such as the CyanogenMod which doesn’t come with Gapps. Other than that most of the Custom ROMs created by various developers come with Google Apps pre-installed in the package itself.

Contents of Google Apps Package include the Google Play store, Sync service, Gmail, YouTube, Search and all other important stuff that is supplied by Google.

Download Google Apps Package

The below download links are listed according to the various versions of CyanogenMod, you can check them out and download the one which you require and Custom flash it through recovery into your device.

These are the download links of various Google Apps Packages for various CyanogenMod versions around, do let us know if you need any help in flashing those packages on your device. We do cover the procedure to install everything on your device in the article itself, but this article is to cover up the downloads.

Do comment below if you find any broken links in the downloads. We’ll come up with a newer one asap.

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