Polaroid has finally announced their new Android Camera called the iM1836. You can recall this device with the earlier leaks from the Russian website with almost the same specs as in the final device. The iM1836 is a mirrorless camera with many interchangeable lens. It comes with a 18.1MP lens along with Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1. The camera also has WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0, for all your sharing frenzy. The camera also also comes with a 3.5-inch LCD panel, which although won’t put the Galaxy Camera’s 4.7-inch screen aside, but is sufficient for most of the folks.

The camera comes with micro 4/3 lenses and an optional adapters for the pro-users and a pop-up flash toggle for those low-light situations.

The Polarioid iM1836 camera¬†was announced today at the CES for Polarioid’s 2013 Camera lineup, however this is not the only one to be launched. For those of you who prefer simplicity over the clutter of Android smartness, Polariod has come up with iM1232W(WiFi only) at $349 and iM1030 (non-WiFi) at $199.

If you don’t mind a fixed lens on your camera, there’s the iS2443 with a 25-600mm lens 16MP camera over a 3-inch touchscreen. As obvious, there’s no release date as of now, but we can expect them to be available sooner than later.

Via: Engadget