Google’s Android 4.2 bugs list is quite comprehensive. If you have updated your Nexus 7 to Android 4.2 be ready to face some annoyances like Broken Bluetooth, Non-working Bluetooth, Battery Drain, Random Reboots and no charging.

Here we’ll discuss about the no charging thing on the Nexus 7. According to many users over at XDA, their Nexus 7 is refusing to charge after the Android 4.2 update until it dies completely. We have a fix, though.

Google Nexus 7

How To Fix Nexus 7 Charging issue

Step #1: Drain off all the juice from your Nexus 7.

Step #2: Connect your dead Nexus 7 to the charger and press the Volume Down and Power Button simultaneously. By doing this, you’ll head over to the Bootloader menu of the Nexus 7.

Step #3: Scroll down to the “Power Off Device” option with the help of Volume Down Button.

Step #4: Select it by tapping the Power button and disconnect the device.

Step #5: Quickly connect the device to the USB charger again.

Step #6: You’ll now see the Battery picture on your screen making your device working again.

This should fix the Nexus 7 charging problem. If it does not, your only hope is to let your nexus 7 die completely before another charge.

Thanks #AndroidCentral Forums

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