Paranoid Android ROM based on Android 4.2.1 is now available for Samsung Nexus 10 that was launched by Google some time back. A lot of development for new devices is happening and new new Custom ROMs are coming out on a daily basis. Nexus 10 being a Nexus device has already received the official Android 4.2.1 update straight from Google. But the drawback of using the Stock firmware from Google is that you can’t customize your device at it’s fullest.

Paranoid ROM is one the most popular Custom ROMs available out there in the Custom ROMs world. There aren’t many choices for Nexus 10 users at the moment, but still the developer “gokussjx” has relased the Paranoid ROM for this device. Special thanks to the developer.

Warning and Disclaimer

This is all development stuff and in this tutorial we’ll be flashing the file in order to make it work on your device, rooting and flashing stuff voids the warranty of the mobile phone, but the warranty can be always retained by flashing the Stock ROM.

Backup everything that is stored on your device before proceeding with this tutorial. You can use our ADB Backup Guide or Nandroid Backup Guide (Root users) to back up everything that is stored on your device. Disable Kies, Antivirus Software, and Firewall as they can clutter in between the upgrading process. You can read our Guides on Backing up SMS messagescall logs, and Whatsapp messages.

Install Paranoid Android ROM on Nexus 10

Step #1: Download ParanoidAndroid ROM and Google Apps. These are the files which have to be flashed onto the Nexus 10 device.

Step #2: Transfer both files that we had downloaded. After the transfer is complete, turn off your tablet.

Step #3: Now, reboot your device into recovery. Press and Hold Volume Down + UP and Power Buttons together and wait for the device to start. First your device will boot into fastboot mode, select “recovery” from there, this will take you to recovery mode.

Step #4: Select “install zip from SD Card” then “choose zip from SD Card”. Now select the ParanoidAndroid ROM file that we had transferred earlier on the device.

Step #5: The flashing of the ROM file will take a while, after the installation is complete. Flash the Gapps package using the same way we used to flash the ROM file.

Step #6: Once the installation of both files is complete, head back to the main recovery screen on your Nexus 10 and then select “reboot system now”.

That’s all. You’ve successfully installed ParanoidAndroid Custom ROM on your Nexus 10 device.

Do let us know if you come up with any difficulties while insalling this ROM on your device, we’ll be happy to help you out.