You can Download the New Year Wallpaper for your iPhone 5. The new iPhone 5 has a resolution of 1136 x 640 which is a widescreen 16: 9 display. The display is very good for viewing HD content because of its widescreen aspect ratio. Below are some of the Best New Year Wallpapers for the iPhone 5 which have been optimized for its screen resolution.

Note: We’ve collected the images using Google Search, the best ones have been listed here. We are not the copyright owner of the images, each and every still belongs to the rightful owner. If you are the owner of the image and want your credit to be added in here, then please use the Contact US from and please fill it up with all required information, along with the proof of your ownership.

Click on any of the image to open it. Right click on Save as to save the images on to your Hard Drive.