Amazon is a great place. Almost everything is available there to buy for the humankind. If you are a collector or somewhat eager enough buyer in the marketplace for some strange or cool things for your iPhone — be it the iPhone 4, 4S or the mighty  iPhone 5, here is a list of top 5 of them available on Amazon. I don’t know, What you’ll do with them, but they are certainly cool to show off in front of your friends or colleagues.

1. iPhone 4 & 4S Camera Button

iPhone 4S camera button

The description for this product says that “Take pictures instantly with a dedicated camera button on your iPhone 4 or 4S” While the iPhone 4 & 4S both don’t have a dedicated camera button, the onscreen button works just fine for any kind of photography.

Get the iPhone Camera Button from Amazon

2. Frozen Han Solo iPhone 4, 4S and 5 Case

Frozen Han Solo iPhone 4, 4S and 5 Case

For those who were born late — Han Solo was a very famous action character in the 1970s. His fame raised so much that even now people love it. For those who are die hard fans of the Han Solo can get this very cool looking iPhone case. Made of silicon, available in both Black and White, this is an absolute recommendation for Han Solo fans.

Get the Han Solo case for iPhone 4 & 4S
Get the Han Solo case for iPhone 5

3. iPhone Landline Dock

iPhone Landline Dock

If you like the modern looking professional work phone, but don’t want another number at the same time, then the iPhone Landline Dock is for you. Place the iPhone on the dock and it will start to charge. Connect the phone to the dock via Bluetooth connection and you are done. Whenever any call comes, you can receive it through the receiver on the phone. Cool Enough?

Get the iPhone Landline Dock

4. 80s Style iPhone Case

80s style iPhone case

Recall the 80s Style Phones. Those were big and err.. somewhat cool. Anything won’t bring the time back, but you can at least get the feel of it. This 80s style iPhone case will make your iPhone bulky and cumbersome but with the sweet feel of 80s.

Get the 80s style iPhone case

5. iPhone camera Lens Dialer

iPhone Style Camera Dial

Show your love with photography to everyone with this cool looking iPhone Camera Lens Dial. With the iPhone Camera Dial, you can get the ultimate photography experience and that too with phenomenal photo quality.

Get the iPhone Style camera Dial

That’s it! All these accessories along with your iPhone will make you a COOL iPhone user. If you have any more accessories for the iPhone, please do a comment below to let me know in the comments section so that I can add them to the list.