Almost all the reviews on the web praise the Lumia 920 due to its rather impressive battery life considering what a big powerhouse it is. But apparently this dozer of extra bright screen and a supersensitive touchscreen is lacking behind the expected results. There are many reports about the poor battery performance of the Lumia 920 on the Official Nokia discussions blog where people are pinning down the official statements.


Nokia’s answer to this is that Windows Phone 8 deals multiple tasks in a different way than the previous version, so when you switch from an app, the OS keeps it in the memory instead of putting it in the flash memory of the phone making switching faster and smoother. This method sounds good, and all other major OS use this, but it is the very cause of battery drain in modern day smartphones. When you leave an app running in the background in Windows Phone 8 running device, it will tend to hog up the phone resources as it would do on any other platform.

One app which is the root cause of battery drain in the Nokia Lumia 920 is the Nokia Drive beta app which continues to run in the background even when not required. It is the main cause of high power usage of the phone resulting in bad battery life.

Nokia commented:

“We have received reports of a small number of people experiencing unusual battery performance on their Nokia Lumia 920. This is not a concern being widely reported via our Nokia Care channels and feedback from many people is that the Nokia Lumia 920 enjoys great battery life for a high-end smartphone. We are investigating, but we currently suspect that some applications may be using power when left running in the background. While we learn more, we advise people when finished with an application to navigate away using the back button as this will close it rather than leaving it active in the background.”

One fix that you can be suggested about is to prevent the Nokia Drive Beta from running in the background by simply going to the settings.

  • Flick to the right when on the home screen and choose Settings.
  • Scroll sideways to go to the Applications
  • Choose Background tasks
  • Tap on Nokia Drive and select block. Voila! All done!

I hope that this will help you get the most out of your Nokia Lumia 920. Do let us know in the comments section to and let us know if you find any more problems in your phone.

via Nokia Support

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