Windows Phone 8 is just about to hit the shelves of the consumers and with it being on the latest offerings by the major players in the market like HTC 8S, HTC 8X and Lumia 920 we can surely get a bit of exposure of the same. Well, that doesn’t mean that we won’t see something on the Android part of it the OS world. For instance, there is a Windows Phone 8 lookalike launcher which offers some basic visual feel of the platform with a simple lockscreen as a sweet goodie.

Windows Phone 8 launcher for Android

You can download the Windows Phone 8 launcher for android from the Google Play Store for free although you need a firm grip on Chinese (I think it is Chinese!).

Here is the basic description of the app which the developer has put up in the Google Play Store in Chinese or so (which again I think). I translated the description via the Bing translator because Google translate could not detect the language well.

A Windows Phone 8-style desktop software
WP8 desktop (LauncherWP8) is designed for a Windows Phone Android system be introduced 8 styles of desktop software to add 8 different sizes, 8 different colors, 8 different topics and other style porcelain piece of lattice, customize your personalized start screen.
Main function:
-Add 8 different size ceramic block Plaid;
-Add 8 different color porcelain piece of lattice;
-8 different color theme can be set;
-Supports some programs appear set to hide;
-Supports adding desktop widgets to porcelain pieces;
-Supports Android wallpaper/background setting;
-Placing of ceramic block for free drag Plaid;
-Support the select icon images from the SD card;
-Comes with multiple application icons and pictures;
-Bring your own special time module block Plaid porcelain;
-Bring your own Windows Phone 8 style lock screen;

You can download the Windows Phone 8 Launcher For Android Free from the Google Play Store with the link below but again, it is in Chinese.

App Name

To solve this world terror of caused by the app due to its availability in Chinese language, some of our “Hero” developers who happen to know both Chinese and English have translated the Windows Phone 8 launcher to English.

Download Windows Phone 8 Launcher for Android

Frenzyboi’s version — Here

Melvinchng’s version — Here

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