Android USB Device drivers are required to be installed on your computer, Device drivers are required to make communication possible between the computer and the mobile phone. Whenever you connect your mobile phone to the computer, it itself detects the device and starts looking for the device drivers from Windows Website or relevant sources.

Device drivers are required to be installed on your computer to make ADB and Fastboot work which is a requirement for Android development. Ultimately, they are the basic necessities of communication as we told you earlier. Sometimes windows is unable to look for device drivers from the web, at that particular time you have to download them from the internet.


Download Android USB Device Drivers for Android Mobile Phones / Tablet

  • Google Nexus: Download Nexus device drivers from here.
  • Samsung:Download Kies, Kies itself installs the required device driver on your computer.
  • HTC: Download HTC Sync. HTC Sync is HTC’s official application for Windows Based PC’s.
  • Huawei Devices: Download Huawei HiSuite. HiSuite is also known as Huawei’s Android Smart device manager. You can download and install it, after that connect your device and the drivers will be automatically installed.
  • LG Mobile Phones: Head to LG website and select your device from the list provided and download the device drivers of the same.
  • Asus: Download Asus PC Suite, this can be used by the users having the Nexus 7 or other Asus device.
  • Motorola: Download Motorola USB Device Manager.

These are the device drivers for various Android Mobile Phones, If you are not able to find yours here, then you can use the comment from to request it and we’ll update you with the same.

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